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Overview of Prospective Clients


This tutorial introduces you to the functionality available in the prospective clients section of StudioCloud.

Explanation of Prospective Client Main Table

The main table contains a list of prospective  clients with two different methods available to search the prospective clients. The left side of the table contains letters which, if clicked, will display prospective clients whose last name start with that letter. At the bottom center of the table is displayed the paging controls which allows you to view all of the available prospective clients. By default it is set to display 500 prospective clients at once. The search functionality searches through the prospective client list based upon your desired criteria and displays the prospective clients in the table. The paging controls are not available when the search box is being used.

Explanation of Prospective Client Menu Items

  • View Columns
    • This section shows or hides information from the main client table.
  • Group Operations
    • Select All - Selects all the clients in the main client list, indicated with a check-mark in the box at the beginning of the row.
    • Deselect All - Deselects all the clients in the main client list, indicated by the empty check-box at the beginning of the row.
    • Select Duplicate Clients - Selects all clients duplicated by their first and last name.
    • Delete Selected Prospective Clients - Deletes all the clients that are selected in the main client list.
    • Email Selected Prospective Clients - Opens the email communication window, pre-populated with the selected clients email addresses.
  • More Actions
    • Import Clients From CSV - This area allows a business to import client information from a CSV file.
    • View Clients on Google Maps - Allows you to view the location of your clients on a Google Map within StudioCloud.