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How to Purchase Postcard Credits


Before you can send out postcards to your clients you must purchase postcard credits. The following instructions apply if you want to manually send out postcards or if you want to have StudioCloud send out the postcards for you.

How to Purchase Postcard Credits

  1. Click on the Cloud Services component
  2. Click on the CloudAlerts tab
  3. Click the Manage Postcard Credits button
  4. Select Printed and Mailed Postcards from the Credit Type drop-down box
  5. Select the number of credits you want to purchase from the # of Credits drop-down box
  6. Enter in your credit or debit card information
  7. Once you have verified that your information is correct, click on the Purchase Credits button
  8. A confirmation window will appear and you are all set to start sending postcards

How to Much Do Postcard Credits Cost

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How Do You Send out Postcards

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