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CloudProofing Manager Overview


This tutorial will explain how to use the CloudProofing Manager

Explanation of "Albums" tab

The albums table is used to manage your CloudProofing albums. The albums table only displays a limited number of albums at once. To increase the albums listed select a higher number from the Albums Per Page combo box. To view a different page of albums click on either the < or << buttons or the > or >> buttons at the bottom of albums page. 

The group operations allows you to delete multiple albums at once.

The New Album button allows you to upload a new album. Refer to the new album documentation for more information.

The album table columns as well as an explanation each column is below

  • Column: Group Operation Column
    • Usage: This column is used to decide which album will be included in the group operation
  • Column: Delete Album
    • Usage: This button deletes the album and it's images and music.
  • Column: Edit Album
    • Usage: This button allows you to edit an album. Refer to the editing album documentation for more information.
  • Column: Album Thumbnail
    • Usage: This is the album thumbnail that is displayed in the public list of albums
  • Column: Public List of Albums
    • Usage: This field shows whether or not an album is displayed in the public list of Albums.
  • Column: Album Name
    • Usage: This is the name of the album. This name also appears in the public list of albums.
  • Column: Date Created
    • Usage: This is the date when the album was created
  • Column: Expiration Date
    • Usage: This is the date when the album has expired. Once the album has expired clients may not access it. You may change the expiration date at any time. If you change the expiration date to a date in the future after the album has expired it will no longer be expired and clients will be able to access it.
  • Column: Album Client
    • Usage: This is the name of the client associated with this album. This field is not mandatory and may be blank.
  • Column: View Album Online
    • Usage: This button takes you directly to the album in the Online CloudProofing.

Explanation of "Customize" tab

The customization tab is used to customize the look and feel of the Online CloudProofing Gallery.  Each one of the customization fields are described below.

  • Field: Purchase Email Notification
    • Usage: When a client purchases using StudioCloud's CloudProofing an email is sent to the recipients listed in the purchase email notification field. If more then one email is needed then the emails need to be separated by commas.
  • Field: Title In Internet Browser
    • Usage: This is the title that is displayed in the Internet browser when a customer arrives at the CloudProofing website.
  • Field: Online Proofing Web Address
    • Usage: This is the custom web address that is used when the customer receives an email invite for their CloudProofing album.
  • Field: Large Logo
    • Usage: This logo is used in the CloudProofing. The image size is 362.x210
  • Field: Small Logo
    • Usage: This logo is used in the CloudProofing. The image size is 180x30
  • Field: Background Image
    • Usage: This is the background image for your CloudProofing site. Please note that large images can take a while to load. In addition, images of people and text should not be used since the image is stretched to fits theclients screen which may cause distortions.
  • Field: Embed CloudProofing In your Website
    • Usage: This provides the necessary code to embed the CloudProofing into your website. Please refer to the "How to integrate the CloudProofing" document for more information.

Explanation of "CloudStorage" tab

StudioCloud's CloudStorage is the space available to store images or music online. Similar to disk storage each time you add music or images to an album it increased your CloudStorage usage. Each time that you remove images or music from an album it reduces your CloudStorage usage. Refer to the CloudStorage documentation for more information.