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Online Proofing Troubleshooting - How to help your clients


This support article provides some different information that you can pass on to your clients when they are using the CloudProofing 3.0 system.  The information is on basic troubleshooting and usage of CloudProofing.

Basic Troubleshooting

If your clients are unable to view their Cloud Proofing photos, take the following steps to help them resolve the problem.

  1. A clients internet connection may have had problems as the online gallery was loading. If this is the case the client should be able to successfully view the online gallery if they try again.
  2. Have the customer check their Flash Player version.  There are instructions on how to do this in our support database: Detecting what Flash Player is Installed  If they don't have the most up-to-date Flash Player, have them download the newest version at the following link:
  3. There are some browser add-ons or plug-ins that can cause a problem with the CloudProofing.  Details on some of those are below:
    1. If the customer has the AVG Toolbar installed then this can also prevent them from getting to your Cloud Proofing successfully.  Instructions on how to disable the AVG toolbar are available at

How to Add Favorites

Adding favorites in CloudProofing is how your client's will create a group of images to order from.  So it is important that they are able to add images to their favorites list.  We have written some instructions below on how to add an image to favorites in CloudProofing

  • Adding favorites from the Slideshow
    • There is a menu bar on the bottom of the slideshow view in CloudProofing.  The button on the left of this menu says "Add to Favorites"  When you see an image that you like simply click the Add to Favorites button.
  • Adding favorites when "Viewing Images"
    • When you are viewing all of your images from the "Viewing Images" screen you will first see your images grouped into folders.  To view the images in a folder simply click the folder.  Once you see the thumbnails of the images in a folder you can add an image to favorites by dragging and dropping the thumbnail into the favorites box on the right hand side of the screen. 
    • If you have selected "View Only Image"  then there is a button on the bottom left of the screen that says "Add Displayed Image To Favorites"

How to Save Favorites

Sometimes your clients might want to save their favorites to view them later on or even so that you, the photographer, might view their favorites.  Instructions on how to save their favorites are below.

  1. Go into an event in CloudProofing and add some images to your favorites
  2. Near the top left corner of the screen click the Manage Favorites button
  3. On the first tab you will see the images that you have added to favorites
    1. To remove an item from Favorites simply drag the thumbnail to the right side where it says "Drop An Image Here To Remove It From Your Favorites"
  4. Click the "Click Here To Save Your Favorites For Later Viewing" button
  5. Enter a name for your list of favorites and optionally enter a password and notes
  6. Click the Save button