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What is a StudioCloud Virtual Employee?*


This tutorial will explain what a virtual employee is, what they can access, and how to set it up in StudioCloud.  StudioCloud virtual employees requires the EmployeeBoost add-on.

What is a StudioCloud virtual employee?

A StudioCloud virtual employee is a real-life person who can have access to your StudioCloud Calendar via an ICS feed, be added to appointments, sessions, events, and invoices.

What information can a virtual employee access?

A StudioCloud virtual employee has access to the following items:

  • A virtual employee can view the calendar from a non-editable ICS feed on a third party calendar such as their smart phone, google calendars, or other calendar system
  • A virtual employee can login to the mobile app but they can only access the timecard program in order to clock in/out. They do not have access to other mobile app features.

Why do I need a virtual employee?

The StudioCloud EmployeeBoost add-on provides a StudioCloud account with a limited number of users that can be upgrade for a monthly fee.  However, there are many businesses that have employees that never need to access the business management software but are involved in operating the business.  Adding a virtual employee does not use any of the employee accounts you have purchased but it allows your employees to still be tracked using the timecard program and scheduled on the calendar.

How to Add Virtual Employees

  1. Click on the Cloud Services component
  2. Click on the EmployeeBoost tab 
  3. Click on the Manage Employee Accounts button
  4. Click the New User button or edit the desired EmployeeBoost user
  5. Select the Virtual Employee role in the Security Role drop-down box
  6. Enter the other pertinent information for this employee
  7. Click the Save button