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Client Portal Setup


The client portal allows your clients the ability to login and see their contact information, events, and invoices. Clients can access the portal either be an email provided by you or by embedding the client portal into your website.

How to Setup a Clients Password

Note: a client can request a password directly from the portal.

  1. Edit the Client
  2. Enter the password for the client in the field called "Portal Password"
    1. If you do not see the portal password field you may have disabled it. Click here for a tutorial on how to customize the client fields.
  3. Click the save button

How to Send an Email With The Client Portal Link In It

  1. Edit the Client
  2. Click on the Email menu option
  3. Click on the Send Email menu item
  4. In the send email window click on the insert tab
  5. Click on the Insert Client Portal button
  6. Edit the email text and click the Send button

How to Add the "Client Portal" Form to your Website

  1. Click on Cloud Services
  2. Click on the Cloud Settings tab
  3. Click the Online Client Portal Button
  4. Click the Show HTML Code button located in the Online Client Portal window
  5. Copy and paste the HTML code (without changing anything in it) into a new HTML webpage within your website.