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Import Calendar Information from Google Calendar


The Import Calendar from ICS field allows a business to import a third-party calendar into StudioCloud. The import function does not prevent double entry of calendar events. In addition, calendars cannot be exported in portions, which means every time a calendar is imported all the events associated with that calendar will show up within StudioCloud.

How to Export The Calendar Information from Google Calendar 

  1. Open your Google Calendar
  2. Click on the Settings icon
  3. Click Calendars tab
  4. Click the Export Calendars button to export a .zip file containing all of your calendars
  5. Extract all of the files in the .zip file

How to Import The Google Calendar Information Into StudioCloud

  1. Open your StudioCloud Desktop application
  2. Go to the Calendar component
  3. Select the Calendar tab
  4. Click the Agenda button
  5. Click the Import/Search button and then click Import Calendar
  6. Click the Import Options button and click Import from ICS File
  7. Make sure that ICS is the file type shown with the dropdown box just above the Open button
  8. Select your ICS file from above 
  9. Click the Select button

How to Adjust Google Calendar Permissions to Export Correctly

Google Calendar has several options for sharing calendars and what can be seen.  If no information is being imported when you try to import your calendar into StudioCloud please check your Shared Settings using the following instructions

  1. Go to your Google Calendar
  2. Click the Settings icon
  3. Find the calendar you are trying to import and click the Shared:Edit Settings button
  4. Adjust the sharing settings
    1. If you have made the calendar public then make sure that the  Permission Settings  have been set to See all event details and not See only free/busy
    2. If this calendar is shared with you then the administrator must find your name and change the Permission Settings to See all event details instead of See only free/busy
  5. Click the Save button
  6. Re-export the calendar information using the instructions above