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How to Create/Edit Bookkeeping Accounts


To keep track of your income and expenses, you will need to add bookkeeping accounts. An account is where you enter in income or expense ledger entries. 

How to Create/Edit a Bookkeeping Account

  1. Click on the Bookkeeping component
  2. Click on the Accounts tab
  3. Click the Accounts button
  4. Click the New Account button
    1. Enter the name for the bank account
    2. Select the bookkeeping account Type
      1. Bank - This account is used to track bank accounts such as checking, savings, and money market
      2. Credit card - This account is used to track credit card transactions in your merchant accounts
      3. Cash - This account is used to track cash transactions including petty cash
    3. Enter the account balance
      1. If this is a brand new account , the account balance will be $0.00. If it is an existing account, like a checking account, enter in your current account balance. 
    4. If desired, enter the description
    5. If you would like this account to be the default account when adding payments select the "Default Payment" Checkbox

How to Track Merchant Accounts

To track credit card processing in a merchant account create a bookkeeping account with the type set to credit card.