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How to Customize the Look and Feel of the PDF Invoice


This tutorial will show you how to customize the look and feel of the printed PDF invoices.

How to Enable the PDF Invoice

  1. Click on the Settings component 
  2. Click on the Settings tab 
  3. Click the Manage StudioCloud Settings button
  4. Click the Print Using the PDF Invoice radio button

How to Get to the Customize Invoice Look and Feel window

  1. Click on the Point of Sale component 
  2. Click on the Settings tab 
  3. Click the Customize Look & Feel button

How to Customize the Wording for the PDF Invoice, Estimate and Quote

Click here for a tutorial on how to customize the invoice, estimate, and quote wording

How to Add Payment Instructions

Some businesses have very specific payment needs including bank transfer, PayPal, and others.  You can use the Additional Information field to include payment instructions on the bottom of the invoice.  

  1. Open the Customize Invoice Look and Feel window
  2. Click on the Additional Information tab
  3. Add the payment details to the "Additional Information" box.
  4. Click the Save button.

How to Show the Items in a Package on the Printed Invoice

To show the items in the package on the printed invoice the checkbox called Show Items in Package under the Invoice Product Layout tab must be checked.

Breakdown of each field under the Printed Invoice/Estimate Settings tab

  • Each section of this window is covered below:
    • General
      • Header Color
        • Change the color of the headings
      • Table Color #1
        • Change the color of the headings or the alternating colors of the tables.
      • Table Color #2
        • Change the color of the headings or the alternating colors of the tables.
      • Header Font Size
        • Change the font size of the headers
      • Body Font size
        • Change the font size of the body text
    • Your Business Information
      • Name
        • Show your business name
      • Tax ID Number
        • Show your tax ID number
      • Address
        • Show your business address
      • Phone
        • Show your business phone number
      • Email
        • Show your business email address
    • Event Information
      • Event Address
        • Show the event address
      • Event #
        • Show the event number
      • Event Date
        • Show the event date
    • Customer Information
      • Business Name
        • Show the customers business name
      • Name
        • Show the first and last name of the customer
      • Address
        • Show the customers address 
      • Home, Work, and Cell Phone
        • Show the phone numbers
      • Email
        • Show the customers email address
    • Payment Due Information
      • Display Payments Due
        • Show the payments due on the printed invoice
    • Tax Summary
      • Display Tax Summary
        • Show a tax summary of all of the taxes for an invoice on the printed invoice. This option would only be used if you have more then one tax rate per invoice.

Breakdown of each field under the Invoice Product Layout Tab

The Product Layout tab allows you to customize how the table that displays product information is displayed.  Below is a description of the options on this tab.

  • Show Package Details
    • If this is checked then not only will the package be included but all of the individual products in the package will be displayed as well.  If it is unchecked then only the package will be displayed as a line item in the printed invoice.
  • Alignment Drop-Down Box
    • The default alignment for the products table is to align the information in the center.  However, as of version 3.1.130 you can customize the alignment to the left or right.  Please note, the column headings will be aligned using the same setting as well.
  • Column Size Drop-Down Box
    • This drop down box  allows you to choose whether you want the columns to be automatically sized by StudioCloud or manually sized by you. There are two options for the manual sizing which are described below.  Please note, using the manual with will require you to enter the size and then view an invoice to make sure it looks the way you want.  You may have to adjust the widths a few times.
      • Fill Width - This means that StudioCloud will try to use the sizes that you provided but it will fill the total size of the page
      • Fixed Width - This means that StudioCloud will strictly use the sizes you specify which means that the products table may fall a little short
  • Finally there is a list of checkboxes which allow you to determine which columns are displayed in the table.
    • If you are using the manual sizing then you will also be able to edit the width of each column

Breakdown of each field under the Additional Information tab

  • Additional Information
    • This box is to include any text that you want to appear on every invoice or estimate which may include details such as payment information, legal information,  terms of use, terms of agreement, Australian Business Number, Australian Company Number, or VAT number.  This information will appear at the bottom of the invoice.
  • Include Signature
    • This option is to include a line at the bottom of the invoice for the customer to sign a printed version of the invoice.