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How to Use in StudioCloud


StudioCloud has partnered with to provide photo touchup services.  You can submit orders directly from within StudioCloud.  This tutorial includes instructions on how to setup a account, setup that account in StudioCloud, and how to submit an order.  The first section below "Where to Find the Interface" provides the general instructions on how to find all of the functionality.  The three sections after "Where to find the Interface" will not include those first few steps and will assume that you are already on the Manage section of the ReTouchUp tab in the Cloud Services component.

Where to Find the Interface

  1. Go to the Cloud Services component
  2. Select the ReTouchUp tab
  3. Click the Retouchup Manager button

How to Setup a Account

  1. Go to the Cloud Services component
  2. Click the button labeled Create Account, First Retouch Free!
  3. In the Create Free ReTouchUp Account window you will see a form where you will need to enter all of your information
  4. Once all required parts of the form have been filled out click the Submit button
  5. After this is completed please close the Create Free Retouchup Account window by clicking the X in the top right hand corner

How to Enter your API Key in StudioCloud

  1. Go to the Cloud Services component
  2. Click on the Retouchup tab
  3. Click the button labeled Retouchup API Key
  4. Click the Get API Key button
  5. Enter your Retouchup Username and Password and click the Save button
  6. This will close that window and populate the API Key in the window
  7. Click the Save button

How to Submit an Order

  1. Go to the Cloud Services component
  2. Click the ReTouchUp Manager button
  3. Click the New ReTouchUp Order button
  4. Enter the Order Name on the Touch Up Order Information tab
  5. Select the Photos To Be Touched Up tab
  6. Click the button labeled Import Photo Options and select either Import a Folder of Photos or Import Individual Photos
    1. Import a Folder of Photos will allow you to select a folder on your computer and will add each photo in that folder to your order
    2. Import Individual Photos will allow you to select one or more photos at a time
  7. Click the Select Touch Up Service button for an individual photo
  8. If most of the pictures in your order will be touched up in a specific way then we recommend clicking the Make The Selected Touch Up Service And Instructions Apply To All Unselected Photos checkbox to apply the settings you select to many photos at once
  9. Select the general touchup service you want from the list of Complete RetouchUp Services, Complete Plus Services, and Special Services
  10. Select the specific touchup features that you want (i.e., Facial Glare, Stray Hairs, Skin Blemishes, etc...)
  11. Add any additional touch up instructions on the tab labeled Additional Touch Up Instructions
  12. Click the Save button
  13. Once you have added instructions for each image you can go to the Touch Up Order Information and view the total for this order
  14. If you are satisfied with all of your settings click the Submit Order button
  15. Next you will see the Uploading Photos screen that will show the uploading process.  Once this is complete the uploading and order window will be closed and you will see the order in the ReTouchUp Manager list

How to Check the Status of an Order

  1. Go to the Cloud Services component
  2. Click the Retouchup Manager button
  3. Select the timeframe for when the order was submitted
    1. You can filter orders by name and status by clicking the Show Filter Options button and entering a partial name or selecting the order status
  4. The table view provides you with the Order ID, Name, Status, Order Date, and Completed Date
  5. You can view the additional details of the order by clicking the edit icon
  6. If an order is completed you can click the Download Photos button