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How to Setup and Enter SOAP Notes in StudioCloud


StudioCloud provides a text only method to record your SOAP notes for a client. The method involves entering in a SOAP notes template, which is not provided by StudioCloud, into the document templates and then when editing a client clicking the add LogBook entry to save the SOAP notes for later evaluation.

    How to Create/Edit Document Templates

    1. Go to the Settings component
    2. Click on the Settings tab
    3. Click the Document Templates button in the Business settings section
    4. Click the New Document Template to create a new template or find and edit an existing document template
    5. Add a Name for the template
    6. Enter in the SOAP template notes that you want to appear when creating a new LogBook entry
    7. Use the Template Fields tab to add place holders for information that will be automatically populated based on the use of the document
    8. Click the Auto Populate New LogBook Notes button
    9. Click the Save button

    How to Record the SOAP Notes For An Already Existing Client

    1. Go to the Clients component
    2. Click on the Clients tab
    3. Find and edit the desired client
    4. In the Edit Client window click on the LogBook tab and then the New Entry button
    5. Enter the SOAP notes
      1. If the SOAP notes template is not automatically populated then click the combo box at the bottom of the window that is labeled Select Template For Notes and select the template you created
    6. Click the Save button