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How to Create/Edit a SMS Text Message Template


StudioCloud allows you to store SMS text message templates that can then be used to quickly create a personalized message when texting a client.

    How to Create/Edit SMS Text Message Templates

    1. Click on the Settings component
    2. Click on the Settings tab
    3. Click the SMS Text Message Templates button
    4. Click the New SMS Text Template button to create a new template or find and edit an existing SMS text message template

    Template Fields Not Available

    Sometimes you might get an error telling you that some particular template field was not available.  For example, if a template includes event and invoice information and you are generating the template from a client then there is no event or invoice information to populate in the template.  So if you see these errors there is nothing to be worried about.  The error message is just letting you know that parts of the document template could not be populated.

    Text Message Character Limits

    A text message may contain up to 160 characters (e.g., letters, numbers, punctuation, spaces, etc...).  If a text message contains more than 160 characters then it will be automatically split into text messages with 153 characters per message.  This is the same way that all phones treat SMS text messages. This means that a text message with 161 total characters will be broken into two text messages.  The first one will have 153 characters and the second will have 8 characters.

    If the text message includes rare characters such as è, ù, Ç, å, É, etc. the text messages will automatically be split on 70 characters rather the 160. This is because a different type of text message must be used to support those characters. 

    Please note, each text message will count as one text message credit.

    Text Message Carrier Limitations

    Please refer to the following link for carrier limitations: