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How to Setup and Use Custom Business Information


Some businesses run into a situation where they need to print an invoice different business details than they normally would use.  This support article explains how to setup the custom business details for your printed invoices.  Please note, this setting is changed on a per computer basis.  This allows you to have one computer that prints with the main business details and another that allows you to print using the alternative business details.

How to Setup and Use Custom Business Information

  1. Open and login to StudioCloud
  2. Go to the Settings component
  3. Click the button labeled Manage StudioCloud Settings
  4. Select the Local Settings tab
  5. Under the heading Business Wording select the option Use Custom Business Info For This Computer
  6. Then enter the custom business details there
  7. Click the Save button
  8. Now anytime you print an invoice from this computer you it will use the alternative business details

If you need to print from this computer using the normal business details you can go in and change the selection to Use The Default Business Info and then print the invoice.