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Importing Calendar Types From Successware


This tutorial will give you the steps to export your sessions from Successware and import them into StudioCloud. 

Limitations in Exported The Calendar from Successware

  • StudioCloud can only import the Date, Session Number, Client, Calendar Type, Calendar Sub-Type, and Status

How to Export Session Information from Successware As A PDF

  1. Open Successware
  2. Go to the Success Tracking
  3. Under File go to the file menu option "Sessions"
  4. Click the "List Sessions" menu item option
  5. Click the "Print Sessions" button and save the file to a PDF
  6. Click the Save button
  7. If StudioCloud is importing your calendar for you please email the file to If you are importing the calendar yourself please go to the steps below.

A Visual Of The Exporting Process

How To Convert The PDF To A CSV File

How to Import Calendar Types Into StudioCloud

Note: StudioCloud does not provide support for the import process below unless you pay for Studiocloud to import the data for you. The following blog post explains why.

  1. Go to the Calendar component
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Click the Manage Calendar Types button
  4. In the Manage Calendar Types window click the Import Options button
  5. Select the Import from Successware option
  6. Select the Successware file
  7. Click Open to open the Successware file
  8. Click the Save button

How to Import the Calendar from Successware Into StudioCloud

Click here for a tutorial on how to import the calendar from Successware into StudioCloud