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Importing Identifiers From Successware


This tutorial will give you the steps to export the clients associated with an identifier from Successware and then import it into StudioCloud. 

How to Export The Clients Associated with Identifiers from Successware

  1. Open Successware
  2. Go to the Success Tracking
  3. Under the People file menu option select the Print Or Export Mailing menu item
  4. Click the Search Clients button
  5. Select the Open Search Window menu option
    1. In the search window click the More Choices button
    2. Select the following fields in the search box
      1. Change "where the client's" field to be that have an identifier
      2. Select the desired identifier
      3. The end search should be the following:
        1. Find the client's within all clients that have an identifier with a value that is <insert identifier>
    3. Click the Search button
    4. Click the Done button
  6. In the Print/Export Mailing window click the Export button
  7. In the Export Text File Specifications window select the following
    1. Windows and 
    2. Separate fields by a Comma (with quotes and fields)
    3. Click the Ok button
  8. Save the name of the file as the name of the identifier

How to Import The List of Clients from Successware Into StudioCloud

Please email the exported files to This option required that you are paying for the ability to import the data from Successware. 

Click here for more details on StudioCloud's paid import data service.