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Process Multiple Credit Cards


This tutorial explains how to quickly process a lot of credit cards and add the payments to an invoice.

How to Open the Process Multiple Credit Card Windows

To open the window to process multiple credit cards do the following:

  1. Edit an invoice
  2. Click on the Credit Card menu option
  3. Click on the Process Multiple Credit Cards menu item

Or you can open the window by doing the following steps:

  1. Edit an invoice
  2. Click the arrow next to the Add Payment button under the payment tab
  3. Click on the Process Multiple Credit Cards option

How to Enter New Credit Cards

By default one blank credit card is automatically added to the "To Be Processed" tab. Click on the credit card field to edit it. To add a new credit card you can either click the "New Credit Card" button or tab to the end of the row and it will automatically add a new credit card.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Tab Keyboard Shortcut
    • You can click the tab button to move from left to right.
    • If you click the tab button on the last column it will automatically create a new credit card.
  • Enter Keyboard Shortcut
    • Enter moves down one row

How to Customize The Processing Window

Click on the "Columns" tab and selected the desired columns.

How to Process Credit Cards

This features requires a TSYS merchant account.

When you click the "Process Credit Cards" it will process all of the credit cards that are listed in the "To Be Processed" table. If the credit cards successfully process they will be moved to the "Successfully Processed" table. If they fail to process they will remain in the "To Be Processed" table and show the status will update with the error that occurred. You can edit the credit card and click the "Process Credit Cards" button again to attempt to charge the credit card again.

How to Save Payments To The Invoice

An invoice in StudioCloud is limited to 300 payments and, as such, you have the option of adding each credit card as an individual payment to StudioCloud or as one summary payment. To select the desired option click the "Options" tab. Once you are ready to add the payments to the invoice click the "Save" button. The save button will take all of the credit cards from the "Successfully Processed" tab and either create a payment for each one or one summary payment depending on which option you selected.

How Clients Are Added To The Payments

If the "Single Summary Payment" option is selected then the client that is associated with the invoice is used for the payment. 

If the "Multiple Payments" option is selected then the client is matched based on the first and last name of the client. If the client can not be found a new client is created. If the name on credit card is left blank or it only has a first name then the client that is associated with the invoice is used for the payment.