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How to Create, Edit, and Use Gift Cards With Your TSYS Account


This tutorial explains how to create a new TSYS gift card, edit an existing TSYS gift card, or use a TSYS gift card.

How to Setup TSYS In StudioCloud

Click here for instructions on how to setup TSYS in your StudioCloud account

How to Activate and Add a Balance to a TSYS Gift Card

TSYS gift cards are required by TSYS to be associated with an invoice number. As a result, you must activate a new TSYS gift card from a New Invoice window or Edit Invoice window.

  1. Go to the new or edit invoice window 
    1. Click here for a tutorial on How to Create/Edit an Invoice, Estimate, or Quote
  2. Click the Create menu bar
  3. Click the Create Gift Card menu item
  4. Click the TSYS menu bar
  5. Click the Activate Gift Card menu item
  6. There are two options to activate a TSYS gift card
    1. Click the Manually Enter Card Number radio button and manually type in the card number which is on the back of the TSYS gift card
    2. Click the Use USB Swiper radio button and swipe the card through your USB swiper.  The information should update and tell you once the read is completed
  7. Enter the initial balance of the gift card
  8. Click the Activate button
    1. This will automatically save the gift card with TSYS and in StudioCloud

How to Use a TSYS Gift Card for an Invoice Payment

  1. Go to the Add New Payment window 
    1. Click here for a tutorial on How to Add or Edit a Payment in StudioCloud
  2. Change the Payment type to Gift Card
  3. Click the Select Gift Card button
  4. Find the gift card you want to use and click the Select Gift Card button
  5. Click the Process Gift Card button
  6. Click the Save button in the Add New Payment window
  7. If you are in the New or Edit Invoice windows then click the Save button

How to Add Additional Funds to a TSYS Gift Card

The options below let you add additional funds beyond the initial balance to a TSYS gift card.

  1. Click on the Point of Sale component
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Click the Manage Gift Cards button
  4. Find and edit the gift card you want to add funds to
  5. Click the TSYS menu bar
  6. Click the Add Funds menu item
  7. Enter in the amount that you want to add to the card in the Add Value field
  8. Click the Save button