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2-Way Outlook Sync Using Google Calendar


StudioCloud has setup a 2-way calendar sync with Google Calendar.  Google Calendar can be used to sync the data to other third party calendars including Outlook.  The instructions below will help you set that up.

Read Only Calendar In Outlook

Click here for a tutorial on how to add a view only StudioCloud Calendar to Outlook

2-Way iCal Sync Using Google Calendar

To sync iCal with StudioCloud where you can edit the appointments in iCal requires different steps.

  • Link StudioCloud To Google Calendar
  • Link Outlook to Google Calendar

Step 1: Link StudioCloud with Google Calendar

Click here for the instructions on how to link StudioCloud with Google Calendars

Step 2: Link Outlook with Google Calendar

Outlook no longer supports integrating with Google Calendar without a third party plugin. In order to integrate Outlook with Google Calendar you will need a third party plugin. Below is a list of some of the third party plugins available for outlook.

Disclaimer: The plugins below are neither recommended nor supported by StudioCloud. They are only listed as a courtesy to you. Additional plugins may exist as well.