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How to View and Respond To Received Text Messages


StudioCloud supports having a custom phone number for your business. If you have a custom phone number you can receive text messages from customers and reply to them directly from StudioCloud. 

    Custom Phone Number Overview

    Click here for an overview on custom phone numbers including supported countries and pricing

    How to Know When A Text Message Has Arrived

    StudioCloud will display a text message popup when a text message has arrived.

    How to View Text Messages Awaiting A Response

    1. Click on the Overview
    2. All of the text messages awaiting a response are listed under the Text Messages Awaiting a Response header
      1. If you do not see the Text Messages Awaiting A Response widget you may have disabled it. Click here to customize the overview page
    3. Click on the Reply to Text to send a text message back to the client.

    How to View All Of The Received Text Messages

    1. Click on Settings
    2. Click on the View Received Text Messages button

    How to View Text Message Attachments

    Go to either the overview text message widget or the View All Received Text Messages window and click on the View Attachment button under the attachment column for the desired text message. If you do not see the text View Attachment for the text message that means that the text message did not include an attachment.

    How to View a Text Message Conversation For a Client

    StudioCloud's logbook records text messages that are sent as well as text messages that are received. To review a client's conversation you would need to go to the clients logbook history.

    1. Edit the Client
    2. Click on the Logbook tab
      1. The conversation would be listed under the Communication History