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Scheduled Messages Overview


StudioCloud allows you to schedule an email message or a text message to go out at a specific time frame. 

    How to Manually Schedule a Message

    1. Click on the Clients component
    2. Click the Clients tab
    3. Click the All ClientsOnly ClientsOnly Prospective Clients, or Only Leads button
    4. Click on the @ button for the desired client.
    5. Click the Schedule Email or Schedule Text button

    How to Schedule Emails and Texts when a Pipeline Stage is Activated

    When a pipeline stage is activated the scheduled messages are then scheduled. When a pipeline stage is either completed or skipped then all of the unsent scheduled messages associated with the pipeline stage are automatically cancelled.

    1. Create or Edit a Pipeline Stage
      1. Click here for instructions on how to create or edit a pipeline stage
    2. Click on the Messages tab
    3. Click the New Scheduled Email or New Scheduled Text button

    How to View Scheduled Emails and Texts

      1. Click on the Settings component
      2. Click on the Settings tab
      3. Click the Manage Scheduled Messages button

      How to View Sent Scheduled Emails and Texts

        1. Click on the Settings component
        2. Click on the Settings tab
        3. Click the View Sent Messages button