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SMS Text Messages Not Received


This tutorial provides a breakdown of why a client may not receive a text message.

Text Message Overview

When a text message is sent to a client from StudioCloud the following steps occur:

  • StudioCloud connects to their cell phone provider through our text message partner and sends them the text message.
  • Their cell phone provider then returns either a success message, which means that they received the message, or an error message which means that there was a problem sending the message.
  • StudioCloud records the cell phone providers response
If a client does not receive a text message it, most likely, means that they didn't receive it due to one of the reasons listed below.

Reason #1 The Cell Phone is set to block messages from a specific phone number

It is easy to block a text message from a specific phone number. In fact, it is easy enough that some people can do it accidentally. This is the most common reason why StudioCloud text messages are not received.

Reason #2 The Cell Phone has third party software installed which blocks text messages

There are many apps that can be installed which will block text messages that aren't from someone that is already in the contact list or they can block text messages for all sorts of other reasons. Please review the apps that you have installed to verify that this isn't an issue.

Reason #3 The Cell Phone is having issues

Restarting a cell phone or upgrading the cell phone to the latest software can often resolve the issues

Reason #4 The Cell Phone Provider is blocking the messages

Some cell phone providers offer options to block specific phone numbers, phone numbers that aren't in a contact list, spam like messages, or many other options. Please have your client check with their cell phone provider to verify that there isn't something setup that is blocking text messages.

For example, Sprint has an option that you can enable on their website or over the phone to block or restrict specific phone numbers. If a cell phone provider blocks a message they still return a "success" message to StudioCloud to protect their clients privacy. Unfortunately, there is nothing that StudioCloud can do if a cell phone provider is blocking text messages for a specific client.

If you do not think that above reasons apply to your situation please do the following:

Email with the name of the client that you tried to text message, the date/time you tried to text message them, their cell phone provider, and what type of phone that they are using.