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Shopping Credit Overview


Some businesses offer extra shopping credits if a specific product, service, or package is purchased. This tutorial explains how to track those shopping credits. This tracking system works if the shopping credits are dollar values or credit values.

How to Add Shopping Credit Products or Services To The Invoice

There are various ways of adding items to the invoice for a shopping credit. The key concept is that customer is not directly giving money for these items so the items either need to have a $0 price or have a discount applied to them otherwise the financial reports and sales tax will be inaccurate.

How to Show the Client that a Shopping Credit was applied to the invoice

If you want the customer to specifically know that the shopping credit was applied to the printed or emailed invoice you can do any of the following options:

  • Option 1: Add a comment to the invoice public notes which are located under the 'settings' tab that is similar to the following:
      • $150 shopping credit applied to invoice
      • 15 shopping credits applied to invoice
  • Option 2: Add a $0 product to the invoice called 'Shopping Credit' and type in the shopping credit amount into the product description
  • Option 3: Add the shopping credit amount to the product description for the items they purchase using the shopping credit

Tips on Tracking Shopping Credits

  • If the shopping credits are immediately applied to the invoice than there is no need to track the credits and the steps below can be ignored

How to Track Unused Shopping Credit Using Client Notes

  • Create or Edit an Invoice
  • Click arrow next to "Search Clients"
  • Select the Edit Client menu option

  • Add the Shopping credit amount to the client notes
    • Once the shopping credit amount is used edit the client and remove the 

How to Track Unused Shopping Credit Using Gift Cards

Create an Internal Only Gift Card that the Client Does Not See

To create a gift card to track the shopping credit do the following steps:

  1. Create or edit an invoice
  2. Click the Create menu bar in the bottom left
  3. Click the Create Gift Card menu item

  4. Enter "Shopping Credit" for the gift card name similar to the image below

How to Get the Remaining Shopping Credit Balance

To apply or redeem the gift card do the following steps:

  1. Create or edit an invoice
  2. Click the Gift Card Menu option on the bottom
  3. Select the Manage Gift Card menu item

    1. Note: The Manage Gift Card menu item is available in StudioCloud version 3.1.537 and later
  4. Make a note of the shopping credit total and either delete the gift card or change the gift card balance to 0.