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How To Setup Your Products, Services, Packages, & Price Lists


This feature allows you to add products , services , packages and price lists that your studio has available to purchase.


  • Products include anything that a customer purchases that will be a tangible item delivered to them after the purchase. 
    • Examples of products are photos, frames, albums, etc.
  • Services include anything that is not tangible. 
    • Examples of services are photo session fees, touch up service fees, etc.
  • Packages are usually a combination of products and services bundled together into one single price. 
    • Examples of different types of packages are a wedding package, a senior package, or a children's package.
    • Note: An album could also be built as a package.
    • Note: The online gallery allows customers to drag and drop to build a package. If an album, built as a package and not a product, is used in the online gallery customer's can drag and drop their pictures into the package to design the album.
  • Price Lists, sometimes also called product lines, are different prices for the same products, services, and/or packages. Price lists are valuable for switching between different types of photography that your studio might offer. 
    • For example, if you did both wedding and seniors you would probably have a wedding price list and a senior price list. 
    • Note: Price lists are also valuable if you change your prices and need to reference your older prices.
    • Note: Price lists are also used for the online gallery to select the pricing for a specific event.

How to Setup Products and Services

  1. Click on the Point of Sale component
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Click the Manage Price Lists button
  4. Create a new product or service by clicking the New Product/Service button or find and edit a product or service
  5. Enter a code, name, and description
    1. The name is viewable everywhere and is required.
    2. The code is used when creating an invoice or editing an invoice by typing the code into the search box. This field is optional.
    3. The description is viewable in the printed invoice . This field is optional.
  6. Set the price for the product/service
  7. Set the cost for the product/service (Please see How to Calculate Cost and Prices for Products and Services for more details)
  8. Set the tax status (Please see Tax Status For Products & Services for more details)
  9. If you want Inventory Tracking the check the "Enable Inventory Tracking" checkbox (Please see Inventory Tracking for Products and Services for more details)
  10. Click the Save button

How to Create a Generic Product

  • There are some instances where you may want a generic product that will always be edited once it is added to an invoice or estimate.  Follow the same instructions above and enter generic information.  Then once you add the generic  product to the invoice or estimate edit the necessary information.

How to Setup Packages

  1. Go to the Point of Sale component
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Click the Manage Price Lists button
  4. Select the Packages tab
  5. Click the New Package button
  6. Fill in the information in the New Package window
  7. Drag and drop or double-click items in the Products/Services list to the Products/Services In The Package list
  8. Click the Save button

How to Setup Price Lists

  1. Click on the Point of Sale component
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Click on the Manage Price Lists button
  4. Select the Price Lists tab
  5. Click the New Price List button and enter a Name for the price list
  6. Go to the second tab
  7. Find the products, services, and packages that you want to be available in the price list
    1. If you have a CloudBooking subscription and you plan on using this price list for CloudBooking then you can also assign the desired Calendar Type for each product, service, or package at this point
  8. Click the Save button