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How to Customize the Client ID


This tutorial will explain how to customize the client number in StudioCloud.

How StudioCloud Calculates the Client ID

When a new client is created StudioCloud automatically looks at all of the client id's for archived, hidden, and active clients, prospective clients, and leads and gets the next highest unique client ID. For example, if the highest client ID is 100 then the next highest client ID will be 101.

How to Change A Specific Client's Client ID

  1. Go to the Clients component
  2. Click on the Clients tab
  3. Click the Clients menu button
  4. Edit an existing client
    1. Note: You can not edit the client id when creating a new client
  5. Change the Client ID to the desired number
  6. Click the Save button

How to Change The Client ID's That Are Generated For New Clients

To adjust the how StudioCloud calculates the Client ID's you must do the following:

  • Edit a client and change their client ID to be where you want StudioCloud to start generating Client ID's.
    • For example, If you want StudioCloud to generate Client ID's starting at 1000 then you would edit a client and change his or her ID to be 1000. The next Client ID that would be generated would be 1001.

Resolving Client ID Issues

If you have clients that have a higher client ID than the client ID that you want to start using then you will either need to delete those clients or manually edit all of the client ID's to be lower then the desired client ID.

For example, if you want client IDs to start at 1000 but you have a client that has a client ID of 2000 then you will need to edit that client's ID to be 1000 or below otherwise StudioCloud will generate the Client ID of 2001 for the next client.

Click here for a tutorial on how to delete multiple clients at once.