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Understanding Client List Options


When creating or editing a client record there are several options that can be checked which affect how StudioCloud shows or interacts with that client record.  Those different list options will be described below.  In addition, there is a short tutorial on how to find and use these options.

  • Archive Client - Most often a client is archived when your business no longer maintains that person as a client.  The reason they are archived instead of deleted is because they have an invoice, session, or payment that you have recorded in StudioCloud and keeping that client in that programs maintains the integrity of that data.  To see what an archived client has in the system you can use the Client History component.  Please see How to View  a Client's History for additional details.
  • Do Not Market To Client - This list option is used if you no longer want to send marketing information to the client.  This will affect the Marketing Campaigns functionality as well as the CloudAlert functionality of StudioCloud.
  • Include Client in Client List (Not A Hidden Client) - If this option is checked then the client will show up in all searches throughout the StudioCloud program.  If this is unchecked then you will have to change the filter to view hidden clients.  This is most often used when a client, like a son or daughter, is not the primary client for your business but you want to keep track of important information like relationships to other clients or important dates.

How to Change the Client List Options

  1. Click on the Clients component
  2. Create a new client or find and edit an existing client
  3. Click the List Options menu button on the bottom of the New Client or Edit Client window
  4. Select the different option that applies for the specified client

Please note, the Archive Client option is not available when creating a new client

How to View Archived and Hidden Clients

  1. Click the Clients component
  2. Click the Filter Options menu button
  3. Click the Show Archived Clients and/or Show Hidden Clients menu option