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Import Products and Services from PhotoOne


This tutorial will show to how to export your prices from PhotoOne and import them into StudioCloud.

How to Export Prices from PhotoOne

  1. Go to Utilities menu at the top of the program
  2. Then click on Export > Export to Excel > Prices
  3. In the Spreadsheet Layouts window click the New button, unless you have previously created a spreadsheet layout
  4. Add each field from the "Available Fields" box to the "Show these fields in this order" box in the order that they appear
  5. Click the OK button taking you back to the Spreadsheet Layouts window and select your newly created layout
  6. Click the Select button
  7. On the Select a Spreadsheet Destination Options window, select the ASCII Export option
  8. Then click the Browse button to determine where the file will be saved
  9. Finally click the Save button

How to Import Products/Services/Packages from PhotoOne

The PhotoOne prices file includes products, services, and packages so it is your responsibility to either split this file up into separate files or in some other way separate the data as you import the information.

  1. Click on the Point of Sale component 
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Click on the Manage Price Lists button
  4. Click on the Packages tab
  5. Click on the Import Packages From CSV menu option
  6. Click on the Import Packages From CSV menu item
  7. Click on the Import Options menu option
  8. Click on the Import From PhotoOne CSV File menu item
  9. Select your CSV photo one file
  10. Click the Open button
  11. This will display all of the items from your file
  12. Once you have verified the information click the Save button to save this information to your StudioCloud account