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How to Get your StudioCloud Sync Log History


This tutorial provides instructions on how to send the sync log history to a StudioCloud technician. The sync log history only needs to be done if you receive a "sync failed reattempting" message. Usually this message means there was an internet issue that occurred and StudioCloud will resolve the issue itself. Occasionally there might be a more serious issue and this history will let us identify that.

How to Get your StudioCloud Sync Log History

  1. Open and login to StudioCloud
  2. Click the Technical Support button on the Overview page
  3. Click the Send Sync Log History button to open the sync log history
  4. This will open your sync log history. Click on the Send to Tech Support button

How to Send your StudioCloud Sync Log History

There may be occasions in which a StudioCloud technician may ask you to send your Sync Log History.  Use the instructions above to find your Sync Log History and then click the Send To StudioCloud Support button.