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How to Integrate the CloudProofing 3.0


There are a variety of ways to get your customers to your CloudProofing website and this tutorial will detail  some of those instructions.

Link from Webpage To CloudProofing

Note: You may need your web developer to add the above links for you if you are not familiar with website development. In addition, if you have a flash website you will also need your web developer to add the links for you.

  1. Open and login to StudioCloud 3.0
  2. From the Overview component click on CloudProofing in the Quick Task Window
  3. Select the Customize Gallery tab
  4. On the left hand side there is a text that says CloudProofing Web Address. Customize this text to your liking. The is the link that you will put on your web page.
  5. The html text that needs to be added to the webpage is as follows: <a href="url">Link text</a> Where the url should be changed to be and the Link Text should be changed to something like View Photos or View Gallery

Embedded CloudProofing

StudioCloud allows you to embed the online gallery directly into your business's website. This means when your customers go to your website and click the link to view their images online they will be directed to a page within your website. This will allow your customers to order their pictures without ever leaving your website. Simply follow the instructions below to learn how to embed the StudioCloud online gallery into your studio‚Äôs website.

  1. Open and login to StudioCloud 3.0
  2. Go to CloudServices and click on the CloudProofing tab.
  3. Click on the manage button
  4. Click on the "Embed CloudProofing In Website" button
  5. Click the Show HTML Code button located in the Embedded Online Gallery Module window
  6. Copy and paste the html code (without changing anything in it) into a new html webpage within your website. When you visit your web page in your browser it should display the StudioCloud Online Proofing for your business in the webpage.

How To Point Your DNS Directly To StudioCloud's CloudProofing

StudioCloud does not support having your DNS point directly to your CloudProofing page. As such you would have to point your dns either using a A (Host) or a CName to a html file on your server and embed the CloudProofing in the html webpage using the Embedded CloudProofing instructions.