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How to Validate and Sync Your StudioCloud Account


EmployeeBoost gives you the ability to sync your StudioCloud information to our server and to any other computer or Internet enabled device.

How to Activate Your Account

You should receive an email when you purchase giving you similar instructions.  However, if you do not receive the email or you cannot find the email then you can follow the instructions below to validate your account.

  1. Once you have purchased EmployeeBoost open and login to StudioCloud
  2. Go to the Settings component
  3. Click on the Validate Account button under Maintenance Options
  4. This should start the sync process and any information you have saved in the program should be synced to the server. 
  5. We recommend that you restart StudioCloud after you have validated your account and it has completed the sync process. 

I've Already Validated my Account. It's still not syncing. 

Click here to send your Sync Log History to a StudioCloud technician.  Once we receive the Sync Log a technician will take a look at it and contact you.