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How to Remove Access to StudioCloud for an Employee*


This tutorial explains how to prevent employees from accessing StudioCloud after they have previously had access.

Option 1: Change the employees' username, password, and email address (Most Secure Option)

This option will keep the employee for historical purposes but will prevent the employee from logging in to StudioCloud

  1. Click on the CloudServices component
  2. Click on the EmployeeBoost tab
  3. Click on the User Accounts Button
  4. Edit the desired employee and do the steps listed below. The screen shot also shows the changes that need to be made.
    1. Change the security role to be "Virtual Employee"
    2. Click the "Archive Employee" checkbox
    3. Change the Username
      1. By changing the username the employee will not be able to login
    4. Change the Password
      1. By changing the password the employee won't be able to login even if they guess the new login
    5. Change the Email Address of the employee
      1. By changing the email address the employee can not have their login credentials emailed to themselves

Option 2 : Change the Employees' Security Role to be a Virtual Employee (Employee can still clock in/out)

By converting the employee to a virtual employee you maintain the virtual employee on file but the employee does not count as a paid for employee. This allows you to archive the employee for historical purposes. 

Here are the instructions on how to convert the employee to a virtual employee.

Please note that a virtual employee can still clock in and clock out of the time card program and can still be assigned to resources. 

You can archive a virtual employee which will remove them from the option of being assigned to resources.

Option 3: Delete The Employee (Not recommended)

This option will remove the employee and any historical data will also be removed for that employee. StudioCloud does not recommend using this.

  1. Click on the CloudServices component
  2. Click on the EmployeeBoost tab
  3. Click on the User Accounts Button
  4. Delete the desired employee

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