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View User Login History


This tutorial will show you how to view your user login history and how to understand it.

How To View The User Login History

To open the View Computer Login History window follow these steps:

  1. Open and login to StudioCloud 3.0
  2. Go to the Cloud Settings tab under Cloud Services
  3. Click on the View User Login History button under the Security Options header

How To Understand Your Computer Login History

The User Login History window will let you see when and from which computers your employees have logged in to your StudioCloud account from.  Across the top of the window you can select which employee you are looking at and you can narrow down the number of logins by changing the time frame.  Because your employees may login often it may take a while to retrieve all of the data for large time spans.  The tables tells you the username, computer they logged in from, date, and IP Address.  If you want to you can view the logins on a map by IP Address by clicking the View Logins On Map button on the bottom of the window.