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How to Use the StudioCloud Development Platform


The StudioCloud Development Platform allows customers to use custom built applications to interface directly to StudioCloud

StudioCloud Platform Has Been Deprecated and Is No Longer Supported

StudioCloud's CloudForms have replaced most of the functionality in the StudioCloud Platform. As such the StudioCloud platform has been deprecated and is no longer supported by StudioCloud. If you would like to have a customized integration with StudioCloud we recommend that you download a StudioCloud CloudForm and customize that form.

StudioCloud Cloudforms

StudioCloud's Cloudforms offers an integrated option where you can customize the CloudForms to meet your needs. Often StudioCloud's Cloudforms will meet most customers needs and they will not even need to use the StudioCloud platform.

StudioCloud Platform Requirements

A paid StudioCloud subscription is required to use this service.

How to Enable StudioCloud Platform

  1. Open and login to StudioCloud
  2. Go to the Cloud Services tab under Cloud Services
  3. Click the Manage Platform Settings button
  4. Write down or copy and past the API Key and API Key Number
  5. Click the Platform Enabled checkbox
  6. Click the Save button

StudioCloud Platform Resources

Click here for Detailed Platform Documentation

Click here for Platform Working Examples

Click here for Platform Working Example Source Code

StudioCloud Platform Overview

StudioCloud Platform is a web service that you can access utilizing a any programming language.  You can pass data to the system using either the POST or GET methods and you can request data be returned in XML or JSON.  There is currently functionality available for client and calendar information. The calls that can be made and the parameters that must be passed in are available in the detailed platform documentation.

Required Parameters
Some parameters that you pass to the webservices will be required for every single method you call in the StudioCloud Platform.  All of the parameters are case sensitive:

  • apikey - This is information that you get from the StudioCloud 3.0 program.  
  • apikeynumber - This is information that you get from the StudioCloud 3.0 program.
  • method - This is the actual method that you want to utilize (i.e. createClient, createEvent).
  • format - The format that the returned data should have.  Valid values are "xml" and "json" and the default is "xml".
Data Returned

  • operation - The name of the method that you called.
  • code - If the call was successful then this value is 0 otherwise it is another integer.  Please see error codes for more details.
  • message - This may simply contain a success or error message or it may contain the data that is being returned.

StudioCloud Platform Error Codes

Below are the common error codes and the associated message.  If the message itself isn't clear enough then there are notes to clarify.

 Error Code Associated Message Notes
 Invalid Business Identifier This usually means that you have not entered the api key or api key number correctly.
 -2 Please enable StudioCloud platform for this account.
 -3A StudioCloud Subscription is required for access to this feature. A Studiocloud Subscription is is required for this feature.
 -4 This function has not been implemented. The function that you are requesting, as passed in by the method parameter, does not exist.  This is potentially a problem due to incorrect case.
 -100  The message that is returned with this error code should help to clarify the problem.