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How to Create or Edit a Marketing Campaign*


StudioCloud marketing campaigns allows you to group together clients using a variety of different parameters including name, organization, tags, relationships, etc. And then you can use the marketing campaigns to market to customers as well as track how successful those marketing campaigns are.

This tutorial will walk you through the basic steps of creating a marketing campaign.

How to Create or Edit a Marketing Campaign

  1. Click on the Clients component
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Click the Manage Marketing Campaigns button
  4. Click the New Marketing Campaign button or edit the desired marketing campaign

Marketing Campaign options

  • Marketing Campaign Duration
    • The marketing campaign duration is are optional fields that are provided your convenience to record when the marketing campaign was conducted.
  • Marketing Campaign Overall Expense
    • The marketing campaign expense option is an option field used to record the overall marketing campaign expense. This field is useful for quickly identifying your profitability from the marketing campaign.
    • The marketing campaign sales are automatically calculated from the invoices associated with a marketing campaign
    • The marketing campaign income are automatically calculated from the invoice payments associated with a marketing campaign

Marketing Campaign Statistics

  • Marketing Campaign Target Clients
    • This field displays how many clients are being marketed to.
  • Marketing Campaign Results
    • The marketing campaign results does a breakdown of the new clients, events/sessions, and invoices that were generated from this marketing campaign
  • Financial Results
    • The financial results displays the sales, income, expenses, and profit that was generated from the marketing campaign.

How to Add Target Clients to a Marketing Campaign

Target clients are clients that are going to be marketing to by the marketing campaign. If the marketing campaign is not going to specific clients then there wouldn't be any target clients.

Click here for a tutorial on how to add target clients to a marketing campaign

How to Add Referral Clients to a Marketing Campaign

Referral clients are clients that are generated from marketing campaigns. Since a referral is used to track where a client originally came from a client can only have one referral.

  1. Create or edit a client, prospective client, or lead
  2. Click the Referral menu option
  3. Click the Client Referred By Marketing Campaign menu item
  4. Find the marketing campaign that is the referral

How to Track Sessions, Events and Appointments Booked from a Marketing Campaign

In order to track the sales from a marketing campaign each session, event or appointment that is booked from a marketing campaign needs record that it was booked from a marketing campaign.

  1. Create or edit a session, event or appointment
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Select the desired marketing campaign under the Marketing Campaign header

Map Options Explained

  • View Clients on Map
    • View where clients are located on Google Maps

Export Options Explained

  • Export Clients to CSV
    • Export all clients in the marketing campaign to a CSV file. 
  • Export to MailChimp List
    • If you have an account with MailChimp, select this option and MailChimp will create a mailing list for all clients in your marketing campaign.
  • Export to Mad Mimi List
    • If you have an account with Mad Mimi, select this option and Mad Mimi will create a mailing list for all clients in your marketing campaign.
  • Enter MailChimp API Keys
  • Enter MadMimi Credentials

Send Options Explained

Target Clients Tab Explained

The Target Clients tab includes all of the clients that you have added to marketing campaign using the Add Clients menu button.  The list of Target Clients is what will be included when exporting the data from a marketing campaign or when sending an email or text message from a marketing campaign.

Adding Clients to a Marketing Campaign

Click here for a tutorial on how to add clients to a marketing campaign.

    Keeping your Marketing Campaigns Clean 

    One of the disadvantages to having a large customer base is you can end up with a lot of clients that are missing information that is necessary for marketing purposes.  The More Actions button on the Clients tab allows you to either add clients or remove clients that are missing crucial information.  Below is a short discussion of each of the removal options.

    • Remove Blank, Duplicate, and Invalid Emails from Campaign
      • If any email address is added twice, or is blank, or invalid, selecting this option will remove those clients from the campaign. 
    • Remove Blank Addresses from Campaign
      • This option allows you to remove any client without a street address.
    • Remove Duplicate Addresses from Campaign
      • This options allows you to remove any client in the campaign with a duplicate address. This ensures that you are not sending "junk mail". It also checks for common abbreviations like St. or Str. For example, if you have two addresses that are identical except for the street abbreviation, StudioCloud will still remove the address.
    • Remove Clients Missing Zip/Postal Codes
      • If you want to make sure that your marketing material doesn't get sent back to you, choose this option. 
    • Remove All Clients from Campaign
      • If you need to remove all the clients from the campaign, this option will delete them from the campaign.

    New Clients Tab Explained

    The New Clients tab contains a list of all clients that have been added to the program that have a marketing campaign listed as the referral.  This is only a list of those clients and these clients are not exported from the marketing campaign or sent communications (email or text) from the marketing campaign.

    New Events Tab Explained

    The New Events tab is a list of all events that have been assigned to a marketing campaign.  A marketing campaign is assigned to an event on the Event Details page of the New Event or Edit Event window.

    New Invoices Tab Explained

    The New Invoices tab is a list of all invoices that have an event assigned to them that is part of a marketing campaign.  If an invoice does not have an event assigned to it then the invoice will never be included on the New Invoices tab of a marketing campaign.