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Overview of Agenda*


This tutorial introduces you to the functionality available in the agenda section of StudioCloud.

Explanation of Agenda Table

The agenda shows you the appointments within the selected time frame. In addition, you can filter the appointments based upon the calendar filter in the bottom left of StudioCloud. 

Explanation of Agenda Menu Items

  • View Columns
    • This section shows or hides columns in the Agenda Table
  • Options
    • Group Operations
      • Select All - Selects all the events in the agenda table, indicated with a check-mark in the box at the beginning of the row.
      • Deselect All - Deselects all the events in the agenda table, indicated by the empty check-box at the beginning of the row.
      • Select Duplicate Events - Selects all events duplicated by start and end time and their name.
      • Delete Selected Events - Deletes all the events that are selected in the agenda table.
    • More Actions
    • Import Calendar - This setting allows you to import an ICS file from a third party calendar. Please note that if you import the calendar more then once you will get duplicate events .
    • Print Agenda - This setting generates a printable PDF of the agenda.