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Overview of Scheduler Wizard*


This tutorial covers the initial setup and usage of the Scheduling Wizard

Scheduling Wizard Overview

The scheduler wizard allows you to select a list of desired resources for a session or event and book one or more of those available sessions or events.

How to View The Scheduling Wizard

  1. Click on the Calendar component
  2. Click the Calendar tab
  3. Click the Scheduler Wizard menu bar button

Initial Scheduling Wizard Setup

The scheduling wizard requires that the business hours 

Click the here for instructions on how to setup your business hours.

How to Schedule One or More Session

Step 1: Select Day To Book

Select the day in which you want to book sessions.

Step 2: Select Calendar Type

Select the calendar type to book the session.

Step 3: Select Scheduling Interval

Select the desired scheduling interval:

  • Show Available Sessions Based On The Calendar Type
  • Show Available Sessions The Minute They Are Available
  • Show Available Sessions Based Upon Custom Intervals

Step 4: Select Employees, Equipment, And Locations

Select the desired resources under the Employees, Equipment, and/or Locations tab

Step 5: Add Clients To Schedule

If you want to schedule multiple clients at once add them to the Clients To Schedule tab

Step 6: Book One or More Sessions

If want to book a single session click on the Schedule Session button under the Schedule Session column.

If you want to book multiple sessions at once click on the Book All Sessions Listed Above That Have A Client button