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View Purchased Products, Services, and Packages


The Purchased Items report provides information regarding purchased products, services, and packages.

Purchased Item Report Options

  • Filters - Filters can be used to either hide or show products, services and packages depending on what you want to analyze
  • Export To... - Use this option to export the data to CSV
  • Calculation Options - Change whether the bar graph and pie chart are displaying totals or averages for each product, service, or package

How to View the Purchased Item Report

  1. Open and login to StudioCloud 3.0
  2. Go to the Point of Sale component
  3. Select the Reports tab
  4. Click the Purchased Item Table button

How to Export the Data to a CSV file

To export the data from the table to a csv file do the following:

  1. Click on the Summary tab
  2. Click on the Export Options menu option
  3. Select the Export to CSV menu option item

How to get an estimated Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for each product, service, or package

The purchased items table includes a column called expenses. The expense column displays the cost of goods for each item based on the cost amount entered either into the product, service or package field or into the invoice cost column when the invoice was created. Please note that the cost of goods sold (cogs) is different then the cost of goods sold (cogs) in bookkeeping. Bookkeeping bases its cost of goods sold off of the ledger entries whereas this cost of goods sold is based off of the costs entered into the invoice.