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Import Sessions From StudioPlus's Desktop Spectra Software


This tutorial will provide instructions on how to import sessions into StudioCloud from StudioPlus's Spectra desktop software.


  • The following information explains the limitations of the import process as well as how StudioCloud imports the data.
    • The Client Number from StudioPlus is used to match a client that was already imported into StudioCloud. If a client is not found based on the Client Number then the session will be created without a client.
    • The following items are imported into the notes section of the session:
      • "Session Description"
      • "Booked By"
      • "Brides Name"
      • "Assistant Name"
      • "Photographer Name"
      • "Session Status"
      • "Session Type"
    • The following items are imported into the matching session fields:
      • "Session Number"
      • "Session Description"
      • "Session Date"
      • "Start Time"
      • "Session Date"
      • "End Time"

Export Sessions From Spectra

The following instructions will import sessions from Spectra into StudioCloud. It will not create new clients and, as such, you must first import your clients from Spectra into StudioCloud before importing your sessions from Spectra.

  • Instructions
    • Go to the sessions section in StudioPlus
      • Instructions on exporting out the sessions
        • Click the "Column Chooser" button.
        • Click the "Uncheck All" button
        • Manually select the following rows: 
            • Pro-Tip: If you use the arrows on your keyboard and the spacebar you can quickly move between rows and select a row with the spacebar.
          • Client - Client Number
          • Sessions - Assistant Name
          • Sessions - Booked By
          • Sessions - Brides Name
          • Sessions - Date Booked
          • Sessions - End Time
          • Sessions - Photographer Name
          • Sessions - Session Date
          • Sessions - Session Description
          • Sessions - Session Status
          • Sessions - Session Number
          • Sessions - Session Type
          • Sessions - Start Time
        • Click the "Ok" button
        • Click the "Export To Excel Button and save the file with the name "Session 1.xls"
        • If StudioCloud is importing the data for you please email the file to If you are importing the data yourself continue on to the step below.
        • Instructions on how to convert the excel file to csv
          • Once this file has been exported open it in excel and click the "Save As" button.
          • Change the Save as type: to be CSV (Comma delimited) and save the file

Import Into StudioCloud

  • Click on the Calendar component
  • Click on Settings tab
  • Click the Import Calendar Into StudioCloud button
  • Click the Import Options menu bar
  • Click the Import Calendar From Third Party Software menu option
  • Click the StudioPlus menu option
  • Click the Import from StudioPlus Desktop CSV Files menu item
  • Select the spectra csv file and click the save button when you are ready to import the sessions into StudioCloud.