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Importing Price List From StudioPlus's Desktop Spectra Software


This tutorial will give you the steps to export your price list from StudioPlus and then import it into StudioCloud. 

How to Export The Price List from StudioPlus (Spectra)

Please note, no client or employee information is included in the ICS file so there is no way to match up clients and employees with an event.

  1. Open StudioPlus
  2. Go to the Maintenance File Menu Option and click on the "Price Lists" menu option item.
  3. In the Price Lists Maintenance window click on the price list and then click on the "Edit Mode".
  4. Click the "Export to Excel" button
  5. If StudioCloud is importing the data for you please email the file to If you are importing the data yourself continue on to the step below.
  6. Open the file in Excel and resave the file as a csv file.

How to Import The Price List Information from StudioPlus

  1. Open and login to StudioCloud
  2. Go to the Point of Sale Component
  3. Click the Settings tab
  4. Click the Manage Price Lists Button
  5. In the Manage Price LIsts window click the "More Actions" followed by the "Import Product Lists" menu item
  6. In the Import Price Lists window click the "Import Options" followed by the "Import from StudioPlus" option
  7. Find the StudioPlus exported file
  8. Click Open
  9. Click the Save button


  • The following information explains how the StudioPlus information is imported into StudioCloud
    • The following items explain how StudioPlus fields are imported into StudioCloud
      • Item Group -> Price list name in StudioCloud
      • Item Description -> Product name in StudioCloud
      • Item Identifier -> Product Code in StudioCloud
      • Level 1 Price -> Product price in StudioCloud
      • Level 1 Cost -> Product cost in StudioCloud
    • The following items are imported into the description field for the product
      • Item Type
      • Preferred Vendor
      • Vendor Product
      • Composite Template
      • Product Line