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StudioCloud One on One Assistance


A StudioCloud rep will schedule a phone call and a screen share where they will be able to view your screen and work with you directly to answer any questions you have. This service is recorded so that you can review it at a later time. You can use this service to help you setup your software, train your team on how to use StudioCloud, or get questions answered regarding the best way to customize the software to meet your specific needs. 

StudioCloud One on One Assistance Billing Rate

  • StudioCloud bills $99 per hour for this service.

Required Minimal Cost of $99

There is a minimal fee of $99 for this service. If the one on one assistance is less the 1 hour you will still be charged $99. 

If the phone call takes longer than 1 hour you will be billed in 15 minute increments.

This is not a service to import your data into StudioCloud


  • This service requires that you have a paid for subscription with Studiocloud.
    • The credit card associated with your paid subscription will be charged for this service.
  • The billing will include any of the following:
    • Time spent over the phone
    • Time spent setting up an account
    • Time spent doing a screenshare
  • StudioCloud representatives are only available during StudioCloud business hours for this service.

Do I need this service to use StudioCloud?

  • No. StudioCloud provides written and video tutorials that can be used to learn how to use StudioCloud. In addition, live chat operators on our website can also help you. Some businesses have requested this and, as a courtesy to them, we are now offering this service.

Are there refunds for this service?

  • No. There are no refunds for this service

How to get started

  • Email requesting this service

How do I schedule 

  • After you have agreed to the service a sales rep will contact you by email to coordinate a time to correspond.

What to do before the session

  • Update StudioCloud to the latest minor update to avoid time spent updating on your computer. You can update by doing the following steps:
    • Click on Help
    • Click the "Show Major and Minor Updates" radio button under the StudioCloud Updates tab
    • Click the "Check for Updates" button
  • Start joining the screen share a few minutes early. It can take a few minutes to download the screen share software and connect.