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Importing Pipelines From StudioPlus's Desktop Spectra Software


This tutorial will provide instructions on how to import pipelines into StudioCloud from StudioPlus

Export Pipelines From StudioPlus

  • Instructions
    • Go to the maintenance file menu option section in StudioPlus
    • Click on the task file menu option
    • Click on the Task Statuses file menu option
      • Select a task type and then click the export to excel button.
      • Name the excel file the name of the task type
      • You will need to complete the above two steps until all of the task types have been exported from StudioPlus
    • If StudioCloud is importing the data for you please email the files to If you are importing the data yourself continue on to the step below.
    • Instructions on how to convert the excel file to csv
      • Once this file has been exported open it in excel and click the "Save As" button.
      • Change the Save as type: to be CSV (Comma delimited) and save the file

Import Into StudioCloud

  • Instructions
    • Open StudioCloud and click on Projects
    • Click on settings
    • Click on Manage Pipelines
    • Click on New General Project Pipeline
    • Enter the Name of the csv file in the Pipeline name field
      • Note: In order to import the tasks correctly from StudioPlus you must have the exact same name for the task type in StudioCloud that is used in StudioPlus
    • Click on the import options in the bottom left and select the option to import from csv (comma separated)
    • Select the desired csv file
    • Verify that the pipeline name and pipeline stages are correct and click the save button