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How to create multiple events/sessions at once


This tutorial explains how to create multiple appointments, sessions or events at once.

How to create multiple events at once

  1. Create a new event. For a tutorial on how to create a new event please go to the following link.  
    1. Click here for a tutorial on how to create a new event, session or appointment.
  2. Select the start and end date and time for when the first appointment will occur
  3. Click the checkbox called Create Multiple Events
    1. If you have a large monitor the checkbox will be on the Details tab
    2. If you have a smaller monitor the checkbox will be under the Settings tab
  4. Select when you want the multiple events to end.
  5. Select the days that you want the events to occur on.
  6. Click the save button
  7. The initial event will save and then it will show you another window with the number of events that it will create. Verify the number and click the create button.

How to delete all multiple events at once

  1. Edit one of the events
  2. Click the More Actions menu bar
  3. Click the Delete All Associated Events menu item

How to delete only future multiple events at once

  1. Edit the event right before all of the future events that you want deleted.
  2. Click the More Actions menu bar
  3. Click the Delete Only future Associated Events menu item

Editing multiple events at once

StudioCloud does not support editing the events all at once. You can either edit them all individually or delete them and recreate them.