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List of Products Sold By Tag


The report list of products sold by tag is a table with exportable options that will generate a list of all of the products that have been ordered for specific tags. This report is helpful if you need to see the notes for all of the products. 

An Example Of When You Would Use This Report

One example of the use of this report is if you are a school photographer who does yearbook photos and you need to see a list of all of the filenames for the yearbook for a specific school. Using this report you would select the tag or tags associated with the school and then select the product or service that symbolizes that a yearbook photo was ordered. Then, assuming that you include the filename or image number in the invioice, this report would list out all of the ordered yearbook photos with their filename or image number for a specific school.

How to Enable System Tags

Click here for a tutorial on how to enable system tags and use them.

How to Setup Your Invoices For This Report

In order to use this report you need to make sure that the following criteria are met.

  1. You need to have an invoice created with the desired product or service added to the invoice
  2. If you are interested in seeing the notes or comments for a product or service make sure that the filename or notes section has information added to it.
  3. Make sure that the invoice is tagged properly. StudioCloud will automatically tag the invoice the same tag as the client. You can manually set the tag when you create or edit an invoice by clicking on the "Setting" tab and selecting the desired tag their.

How to Access the List of Products Sold By Tag Report

  1. Click on the Point of Sale component
  2. Click on the Reports tab
  3. Click on the List of Products Sold By Tag button

How to Use the List of Products Sold By Tag Report

  1. Select the desired time frame
  2. Select the desired tag or tags
  3. Select the product or service that you want to see. Please note only one product or service can be selected.
  4. Click on the Analyze button

How to Export the Table to a csv file

  1. Click the Export Options menu option
  2. Click the Export To CSV menu item