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- Overview of Jobs


This tutorial introduces you to jobs and examples of how jobs can be used.

What Is A Job?

A job lets you group clients, events, invoices, projects, and mileage logs in one central location and track the status of all of the items from one central location

When Should A Job Be Used?

A job is a great way to group multiple clients, events, sessions, appointments, and invoices together.

What Are Some Real Life Examples Of When A Job Should Be Used?

If you are a wedding photographer then a job is ideal for tracking a wedding because many weddings often can include more then just the wedding event itself and often have more then just one invoice associated with them. For example, the wedding might also include a bridal photo shoot or another type of  pre-wedding photo shoot. In addition, there might be more then one invoice associated with the wedding.

If you are a tattoo artist a job is ideal for a multi-session tattoo.

If you are a massage therapist a job is ideal to group all of the massage sessions together in one central location.

How to Create/Edit Jobs

Click here for a tutorial on how to Create/Edit a Job