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How to change the Job Number


This tutorial explains how the job numbering works and how to change it.

How to get the next job number

If the job number is 0 when a new job is created StudioCloud will automatically get the next highest job number. If there aren't any previous job numbers StudioCloud will use the job number of 1.

How to change the job number sequence

If you have a specific sequence that you want to start with then all you need to do is change the job number to be the starting job number. For example, if you want the job numbers to start at 1000 then all you need to do is edit a job and set it to 1000. Then next job that is created that has the default job number of 0 will get the job number of 1001.

If you have a job sequence of 1000 and want to use a job sequence of 500 you would need to either edit or delete all of the jobs with a higher job number then 500.