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Point of Sale Overview


StudioCloud's point of sale is a powerful invoicing solution which can be customized to meet your needs.

Point of Sale Terminology

  • Product
    • Products include anything that a customer purchases that will be a tangible item delivered to them after the purchase. 
  • Service
    • Services include anything that a customer purchases that is not tangible item.
  • Package
    • Packages are a combination of products and services bundled together into one single price. 
  • Price List
    • Price Lists, sometimes also called product lines, are different prices for the same products, services, and/or packages.
  • Invoicing
    • An invoice contains the client, the items a client has ordered, the payments, and the payments that a client owes.
  • Estimate
    • An estimate is a educated guess regarding how much it will cost for specific products, services, and/or packages
  • Quote
    • A quote is a researched pricing that a customer can agree to to receive specific products, services, and/or packages
  • Payments
    • The amount that a customer has paid.
  • Payment Dues
    • The amount that a customer will pay on a certain date
  • ePayments
    • An ePayment is a payment due that has been emailed or text messaged to a customer to have them pay online
  • Payment Plans
    • A group of payment dues that were automatically created in StudioCloud
  • Inventory
    • The number of products that you currently have in stock.
  • Order
    • The items that need to be delivered to a customer after their order is placed.

Products, Services, Packages and Price Lists



Payments, Payment Plans, Payment Dues, and ePayments