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Contract Overview


eContract templates are used to generate a contract for a client to electronically sign online. eContracts can be emailed or text messaged to a client or they can linked to a CloudForm to have the 

How to Create/Edit eContract Templates

StudioCloud requires that a contract template be created first. Once a template is created a personalized contract can be created for a client.

  1. Click on the Settings component
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Click the eContract Templates button
  4. Click the New eContract Template button
  5. Enter an eContract Template name
  6. Enter in the information for the template
  7. Use the Template Fields tabs to add place holders for information that will be automatically populated based on the use of the document
  8. Click the Save button

How to add eContract templates fields to a Contract Template

The eContracts support 3 types of eContract template fields

  • Add Logo or Image
    • This option will add a logo or image to the contract
  • Add Text
    • This option will add text to the contract
  • Add Table
    • This option will add a table made up of 1 or 2 columns to the contract

How to Email a Contract to a Client

Click here for a tutorial on how to email a contract to a client to be esigned

How to Add a Contract to a CloudForm

Click here for a tutorial on how to add a contract to a cloudform

Using Sample eContract Templates

StudioCloud has provided a few sample contract templates. The instructions below are how to use the sample contracts.

  1. In the new eContract Template window click the Sample eContract Templates menu option on the bottom left
  2. Select the desired sample eContract Template