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Example CloudForms


Below are various StudioCloud CloudForm examples.


This tutorial includes the following examples:

  • Contact Us CloudForm
  • Informational CloudForms
  • CloudBooking Form
  • CloudForms with Contract
  • Personalized CloudForms with Contract

Example Contact Us CloudForm

The form below shows an CloudForm that could be embedded in a website. The "I'm not a robot" option reduces spam.

    Example Information CloudForms

    The forms below could be used to email to a client to have them fill out information or be a link on a website that the client could click. In addition, they can be used to as personalized CloudForms. A personalized CloudForms are used to pre-populate the CloudForm with client information that is already in StudioCloud. The client can then edit or add additional information to the CloudForm.

    Example CloudBooking Forms

    The forms below are example CloudBooking Forms

    Example CloudForms with Agree To 'Terms Of Agreement

    These example CloudForms show various options related to terms of agreement.

    Example CloudForm with eSignature Contract

    The form below shows an example of a Cloudform that automatically forwards the client to a contract to esign once they fill out the form.

    Example Personalized CloudForms with eSignature Contract

    The forms below show examples of a personalized Cloudform that is sent to a client where they can verify their information and then eSign a Contract. The forms are already linked to a client.