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Example CloudForms


Below are various StudioCloud CloudForm examples.


This tutorial includes the following examples:

  • Contact Us CloudForm
  • Informational CloudForms
  • CloudForms with integrated Online Booking
  • CloudForms with Contact eSignatures
  • Personalized CloudForms with Contact eSignatures
  • Examples of Different CloudForm Examples

Example of Contact Us CloudForm

The form below shows an CloudForm that could be embedded in a website. The "I'm not a robot" option reduces spam.

    Example of Information CloudForms

    The forms below could be used to email to a client to have them fill out information or be a link on a website that the client could click. In addition, they can be used to as personalized CloudForms. A personalized CloudForms are used to pre-populate the CloudForm with client information that is already in StudioCloud. The client can then edit or add additional information to the CloudForm.

    Example of a CloudForm With Integrated CloudBooking

    The forms below have a CloudBooking component added to them which allows customers to book a session.

    Example of CloudForm with eSignature Contract

    The form below shows an example of a Cloudform that automatically forwards the client to a contract to esign once they fill out the form.

    Example of Personalized CloudForm with eSignature Contract

    The forms below show examples of a personalized Cloudform that is sent to a client where they can verify their information and then eSign a Contract. The forms are already linked to a client.