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How to Create Folders From An Event For Image Storage*


This tutorial explains how to have StudioCloud automatically create folders for an event for storing images or files associated with the event.

What are the Names of the Folders

The main folder created is the event number. For example, if the event number was 123456 then the main folder created would be folder "123456". Inside of that folder StudioCloud would automatically create the following 5 folders: "High-Res, Preview, Raw, Rendered, Retouch"

How to Create Folders From An Event

  1. Create or edit an event
    1. Click here for a tutorial on how to create or edit a session
  2. Click on the Create menu bar
  3. Click the Create Desktop Folders For Event menu item
    1. StudioCloud will automatically create the folders for you and open the folder for you

How to Change The Folder Created Location On A Per Computer Basis

This option lets you change the location where the folders are created. This option is unique for each computer because often a shared drive will be used and it might be setup differently on each computer.

  1. Click on the Settings component
  2. Click the General Settings tab
  3. Click the Manage StudioCloud Settings button
  4. Click the Local Settings tab
  5. Click the Browse button and select the location where you would like StudioCloud to create the folders
  6. Click the Save button