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Scheduling Overview


This tutorial explains how scheduling works in StudioCloud and provides the various options for setting it up.

What is a Calendar Type

Calendar types are the brains behind the calendar. Using calendar types you can select what type of appointment, session, or event you are scheduling and setup lots of different actions based on the type of calendar type. Some of those actions include CloudAlerts, automatic personalized email and text messages, confirmation emails or text messages, as well as pipelines to track what needs to be done before or after an appointment, session or event.

StudioCloud also support running reports based on the type of calendar type so it is important to setup calendar types in a way that supports running financial reports.

Click here for more information on setting up Calendar types

How to Schedule

StudioCloud supports scheduling based on the following scheduling options:

  • Calendar Availability
    • Example: Is there an empty slot on the calendar?
  • Employee Availability
    • Example: Is the employee available?
  • Location Availability
    • Example: Is the location available?
  • Equipment Availability
    • Example: Is the piece of equipment available?

How to Book an Employee, Location, and/or Equipment

To book an employee, location, and/or equipment add them to the booked tables when creating or editing a session, event, and appointment.

Click here to learn more about creating or editing a session, event, and appointment