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How to have an Invoice Automatically Emailed to a Client from a CloudForm


This tutorial explains how to have an HTML5 invoice emailed to a client when they fill out a CloudForm that creates an invoice.

    Create an HTML5 Invoice Template

    If you have already created an invoice template this step is not necessary

    Click here for instructions on how to create an HTML5 invoice template

    Create/Edit an Email Template 

    Click here for a tutorial on how to create an email template

    Insert the HTML5 Invoice Template Into the Email Template

    • Click in the email where you want the invoice template link to be inserted.
    • Click on the Actions Tab
    • Click on the Insert Template button
    • Click the Insert Template Field for the desired template
    • Select your desired link option
      • If you want a clickable link use the "Custom HTML Link" option and type in the text that you want them to see before clicking
      • If you want the customer to see the link and click on it then select the "HTML Link" option
      • If you just want the customer to see the link click the "Text Link" option

    To Use a Sample Email Template do the Following Steps

    • Click the New Email Template button from the Manage Email Templates window
    • Select one of the sample email templates that is labeled "Email HTML Invoice"
      • If you select the "Email HTML Invoice - Custom Color" select the desired color
    • Select the desired invoice template
    • Adjust the email wording and save the email template

    Add the Email Template to the CloudForm

    Add the newly created email template to the cloudform. If the email template is already assigned to the cloudform this step is not necessary.

    • Create or edit a CloudForm
    • Click on the "Form Settings" tab
    • Click the button under the "Email To Client" header
    • Select the newly created email template
    • Customize the time in minutes you want to give the customer before deleting the tentatively booked session

    How to Enable and Select which Email Template is Sent to a Customer when the Session is Deleted

    To enable having an email sent to a client when a session is deleted as well as selecting the desired email do the following steps:

    • Create or edit a CloudForm
    • Click on the Actions tab
    • Click on the "Add Invoice, Payment, Online Booking" button.
    • Click the "Session Deleted Email To Client" checkbox
    • Select the desired email template